Online Church – Is it real?

Online Church – Is it real?

For a church, it has become important to mark an online presence in a prominent manner. It has become quite troublesome to include church service time in the busy schedule. To solve the issue, online church services have been presented to the people. It certainly gives an opportunity to connect with the GOD easily. Through a website, it becomes possible to communicate with the church. So, the question is now whether it can be called a real church or not. By looking at the answer of few questions, decision can be taken on the issue.
Should the Churches become online?
If the churches are not made online then it cannot be considered as an engaging culture at any given occasion. Meeting place of people based on the religion can be regarded as a church. Therefore, it can be developed effectively within the online platform. Online church can be found through either social media or website.

According to the research, it can be said that more than 72% adult use social media on daily basis. It is possible to observed growth in internet usage with every possible age group. It is especially true scenario for the people above the age of 65. In the year, 2009 social media has been used by 13% people with 65 years of age. However, it has increased to 43% now. Therefore, it can be considered as an ideal situation to develop a church online. It is possible to observe lots of pastors online. Both the social media and website can be considered as a legitimate entity of church without any doubt. It is possible to observe an enhancement in the physical community as a result online platform also.
Online Church
Internet broadcast for worship cannot be regarded as an online church at every possible occasion. Some of the churches have an online entity that can be seen as an extension of their physical gathering exclusively.
Through online churches, an alternative entity of church can be established. In due course, it becomes possible for the busy professionals to be a part of church. Both the physical and online churches are quite similar in terms of services. It becomes possible to obtain instant advice from the church in the process. Need to drive for the church service may not be felt on the occasion.
Entire population can be brought beneath Jesus Christ. Both the advice and advances can be sought from these online churches without much hassle. Emotional and religious bond within the community can be strengthened in the process. Promises are kept to share happiness and sorrow adequately.
By receiving a service from online church, it becomes possible to eliminate hassles related to time and transportation quite naturally. In case, you are feeling confident to express your feeling openly within the community then online services can be obtained also.
Action of real life church can be supplemented in the online church effectively at every given occasion. Churches on the virtual platform have always helped to increase audience instead of taking away audience from the physical church.  Many people use these services to receive daily prophetic words from God and find peace in the prophetic ministries.


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